Almost Forgot a Title

So I skipped writing last weekend. I noticed and still did nothing about it.

Talking of last weekend, I had my first visitor to NYC… the one and only @tayterbug ! I have to say that it was really damn nice having someone to hang out with on the weekend. Typically a time to unwind and recharge the batteries, the weekends here are the loneliest times in the city. You would figure in this city of all places, this wouldn’t be a problem. You would be wrong. A coworker said this while talking of wine yesterday afternoon and it applies to New York City just as much…

Wine stores are like book stores. You know that there is something really good there but you don’t know what.

Enter the internet…it will tell me of things to do.

At present, while writing this at a (one of many) local Starbucks, my mood is liking the idea of checking out a photography gallery of some sort and I am pretty sure that the internet will help me find just the one that I am looking for. Time and Google will tell.

Things Learned Over the Past Two Weeks

  1. Communication is key to survival and well being. Don’t be afraid to let others know when you are feeling shitty about something. Chances are, they may not know that they are contributing. That being said, it is usually a good idea to hold off on that until you can calm down and get your thoughts in order.
  2. When you are feeling without purpose, you can do something about it. Everyone around you knows how to do something that you don’t? Learn it. Taking control of something, no matter how small, can do a lot to improve your situation.
  3. Most arguements when it comes to design are bullshit marketed specifically to get your way. Most of these arguements are sprinkled with truth which makes them hard to refute. It’s fucking weird and I have a hard time buying into it.
  4. The best advice that I have learned while here was overheard on the street corner while waiting to cross the street yesterday afternoon. A young boy was complaining about someone and his mother looked down at him and dropped this wisdom bomb…
Everyone is a work in progress.

I don’t think that I could end on a better note than that.

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