The Best of Humanity

This morning I was reminded of a line from the Hungry Earth episode of Doctor Who…

“While I’m gone, you four people, in this church, in this corner of planet Earth, you have to be the best of humanity.”

Even out of context, it seems like a good goal to work for… the best of humanity. I like that… but I don’t think that it easy. Actually, I would argue that it is the exact opposite.

There are times in life when bad things happen. Things that rip away your hunger, cloud your mind and drown your eyes in sorrow. We can’t control when or how these things happen and I would argue that we can’t control how they will effect us. It’s sort of like promising not to laugh at something that is hilariously funny... it just happens the way that it happens. One thing is certain, though… these things will happen to all of us at some point or another.

Sometimes, these things afford us the opportunity to embrace them and deal with them… sometimes they don’t. Sometimes, in the midst of everything, you have to rise above the best version of yourself and become something even better by committing yourself to a selfless act of silent heroism. Working through the misery, you shine. You know that grief will come later but for now, for this brief moment in time, you have to light up the world brilliantly as only you can.

Is this what it means to be the best of humanity? No… but I look at it as more of a goal with numerous different paths to get there… and this is one of those paths.

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