Global vision, industry benchmark OEX creates new patterns

We are going to introduce OEX (OEX International) where we will be listed on November 11.

Global vision, industry benchmark OEX creates new patterns

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Since its establishment in September 2017, OEX has been pursuing globalization by prioritizing technology development. OEX’s operation center and technology research and development center are located in a center of Chinese politics,Beijing and a technology center, Hangzhou.

This is one of the strategies to actively respond to OEX platform users to avoid unnecessary issues or damage to the system.In addition, our location provided a favorable opportunity to partner with Alibaba, one of the three largest e-commerce companies in China, and to carry out various projects together.

OEX is spreading its business globally not only in the Chinese market but also in other markets where two of the famous co-founders are located.

First, the OEX Community Operations Center in southern Asia had been established in Cambodia, Vietnam Malaysia and India.We also have strategic alliances with well-known Swiss and German companies in Europe. And soon we will establish the OEX European Operations Center.

Exchange and cooperation with a number of block-chain companies in Japan and Korea initially determined the operational plan.Other operational plans include a partership with a company to penetrate the Australian market and establish a community operations center.

OEX’s global system aims to fully utilize overseas markets, enjoy excellent foreign resources, and promote globalization, which can be of great help to promote cooperation with foreign countries.

OEX is promoting innovation-led ecological development

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Currently, OEX has two platforms.

Global Station and Innovation Station the Global Station provides trading services for digital asset derivatives such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to users worldwide. There are now 500,000 users in 50 countries and the its number is growing rapidly.

The Innovation Station is a revolutionary product for the expansion of the global station, which is a trading system based on smart contracts. It is positioned in online Ethereum (ETH) ,as an, innovative currency. It will be fully upgraded to the C2C trading area, providing a gateway for recharging cash transactions and providing more convenience to users after remodeling.

The Innovation Station is one of the recommended sites, When the user creates and submits the project data, and they can issue their currency as soon as pass the examination. It provides investors with a wide range of opportunities and a platform for developing digital assets and block chain teams.

OEX is an innovative platform for the global crypto currency market.

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