Meet O2OWallet in 2019

Nov 30, 2018 · 3 min read

Domestic and Foreign currency exchange have been releasing crypto currency wallet with various functions. The Crypto currency wallet is aimed at creating a variety of functions through increased user security and convenience. O2OPay is also releasing a crypto currency wallet in 2019.

Domestic released cryptocurrency wallet app ⓒ(From left)AmoLabs, Root One, Union’s app introduction page

O2OWallet uses a variety of rewards to increase the use of O2OToken, the crypto currency of O2O. It will also create a new concept of business by using Big Data. We have already introduced some of the features of O2OWallet through some media and teaser videos. O2OWallet is a service that becomes a contact point with O2OPay users. One of the advantages of using is that it converts the reward points to O2OToken when users provide their data. O2OToken can be used in the same way one uses an existing password and electronic money.

There are many ways to earn points. Another is through the STEP rewards. You can earn while walking, by participating in daily updated killing-time surveys, by viewing ads served by affiliates, and by providing device sensor data.

O2OWallet Screenshot ⓒO2OWallet app

O2OWallet is not only a useful feature but it also worth it to check its design. We provide a simple yet practical UI / UX for the first-time users who are not familiar with crypto currency. Due to the recent declining cryptographic market, people do not have a good image about the market. Therefore, to change their perception, O2OWallet is made to be a useful service that can be easily accessed amid their busy schedules.

The high-speed wireless charger ‘O2ORzer’ with targeted advertising has been released in advance. This can be used with the O2OWallet. Based on its high-speed wireless charging function, it is possible to send and receive information via advertisements but only upon user’s consent. After watching the advertisement, the user can receive O2OWallet points as a reward.

High Speed ​​Wireless Charging Pad O2ORzer Image

In crowded places, where there are stores with installed O2ORzer, advertising information are sent between stores to mobile devices, providing positive synergy for both the users and stores. We can provide the convenience and variety of rewards for users. As well as Big Data, customized service designs and additional advertising revenues for stores.

The functionality of the O2OWallet introduced so far is just the first version. The second version, which will be released soon, is expected to be much developed as an extended version of the Rewards. It is equipped with various digital contents including game, purchase service tools and enriched affiliate benefits.

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