O2OPay is Listed to global exchange OEX

O2OPay(CEO Steve Kim) with blockchain technology based on big data, will be listed to the global famous digital asset trading platform OEX.

OEX is one of the global famous digital asset trading platforms based in Singapore and provides digital assets and derivative transaction services to more than 50 countries and regions around the world. Futhermore, OEX has got the “Block chain Special Contribution Award” for two years since 2017.

OEX is also an industry leader with industry-leading operational and technical teams, including technical indicators, product lines and safety control systems. They have been contributing to the development of the safe block chain market.

O2O will announce bonus event in commemoration of the first lising and Rich bonus will be prepared.

O2OPay CEO mentioned that “O2O reached an agreement with a global digital asset trading platform OEX, which means that our technology has been rated high “ he said. “Various technical agreements with OEX could generate a synergistic effect” He added, “We plan to list additionally soon after the first listing.”

Since O2OPay was founded in February, we have prepared for the listing step by step, like developing block chain business model, O2OPay service, conducted O2O Pre/ICO, listing to crypt currency international exchange, acquired Korea PG (Payment Gateway) license and applying for crypt currency service patent etc.

O2OPay is going to launch O2OWallet APP which can reward users for the location data provision in O2O(Online to Offline)environment. and providing the online and offline payment system and adding service marketing function

O2OWallet is a collection of Big Data, Total Easy Payment, and Location Based Platform, which is the business core of O2OPay. It has the advantage of meeting the needs of both customers and partners through various rewards. User can earn points as rewards. To earn points, the user should participate to killing time survey, watching ads, and providing device sensor data. The points earned in the O2OWallet can be converted to O2OToken which can be used as crypt currency.

According to O2OPay development team, “O2OWallet has been developed to enable interoperability with O2ORzer, a high-speed wireless charger with targeted advertising capabilities,” “We plan to expand a reward platform equipped with a variety of digital content and product purchase service tools.” “We will create a more future oriented and upgraded O2O platform to fulfill our vision of ‘Better life.’”

The first service of O2OPay, O2OWallet app will be released in Android Market and App Store in January next year.