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Came here from Yahoo. I seen the headline and thought “Sounds like a Millinal wrote it!”. Sure enough ths site loads and not only is a millneial, but its a “progressive” site full of millenails. All articles whining about Trump lol.

For the few decades I’ve been alive I’ve never seen anything like this. I understood the crying (well to some degree) when she lost. But the flag burning, car destroying…etc. And then the mass amount of college kids curled up on floors at school having literal temper tantrums in tears and they got pizza, therapy animals and a skip class pass…. What the heck?!? That is sad and childish behavior. Or as I’ve told others this is what happens when kids are raised with getting participation rewards for everything to feel special. So self-entitled.

And yes if this was some crazy republicans doing it I’d say the same thing. But with Hillary fans I just found it a bit ironic about telling Trump to accept if he lost, conceded and essentially don’t be a big baby about it. And yet here we are and some of those same people are doing what they didn’t want Trump to do. Even Hillary is making excuses for her loss.

I really worry about americas future as a country and if we will stay around if we continue to be so divided and do this crazy stuff after every election. We all know why Rome fell… from the inside.

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