Flux Titan Staking Guide

5 min readJul 20, 2022


In this article, I will guide you through the process of staking your FLUX coins via Titan staking, a way to earn rewards on your flux tokens known as ‘Proof of Useful Stake’

If you wish to learn more about Flux Titan, and how Titan nodes operate, please see this informative article written by the Flux Foundation: Flux Titan nodes beta go live on July 20th! | by Flux Official | Jul, 2022 | Medium


In order to stake FLUX via Titan, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. A minimum of 50 FLUX (Must be native FLUX)
  2. A maximum of 10,000 FLUX per single stake
  3. A maximum of 20,000 FLUX total staked
  4. Zelcore Wallet (can be downloaded from here: Home — Zelcore)
  5. A valid zellID

Lets get started

Step 1 - Navigate to the Flux dashboard and login

Titan staking is all done via the FluxOS dashboard, which runs on and is accessible from every node on the Flux network.

Navigate to home.runonflux.io, which will pull up the FluxOS dashboard of a random node: FluxOS Dashboard (runonflux.io)

You’ll be presented with a page which shows some information about the node you’re currently viewing. In order to stake your Flux, you’ll need to login with your ZellID

Click the fingerprint looking icon shown below.

This will open up Zelcore, which will prompt you to login if you have not already done so

Next, a popup should appear within Zelcore, asking for you to input your ZellID pin. Enter your pin and click “Sign and Send”

You should now be logged in to FluxOS with your ZellID

Step 2 - Navigate to the Titan page

On the left-hand side of the dashboard page, you should see a navigation menu. Find “Marketplace”, click on it, and click the “Marketplace” link that appears in the drop down

Next, click “Shared Nodes” from the list of catagories

You will now be on the Titan staking page

Note: You can also navigate to this page via this link: FluxOS Dashboard (runonflux.io)

Step 3 - Stake your Flux

From this page, you can view how many Titan nodes are live, how much FLUX is staked, your active stakes, and more. Take some time to explore this page

To get your FLUX staked, firstly you need to create a new stake.

Click the “Stake Flux”

This will open up a window.

This first page allows you to configure your stake amount. Enter in the amount of FLUX you wish to lock up and click Next

This next page allows you to choose your lockup duration. You can see longer lock-ups will earn a higher yield. There is also an option to auto-reinvest your stake after the lockup period expires.

Once you have configured these, click next.

Next, you will need to sign the stake with your ZellID. Click the fingerprint button, and enter your pin in Zelcore like you did before to sign into FluxOS initially.

Next, you’ll need to register your stake. Please be sure to read the warning on this page. Once sent, your FLUX cannot be unlocked until the lockup period has ended. This is set in stone.

Click the “Register Stake” button.

The page will change to show registration received.

Click next

Finally, you need to actually send your FLUX to be staked. FLUX staked in Titan is sent to a multi-sig wallet. This wallet is completely safe and cannot be accessed.

You can choose to either manually create the transaction, making sure to send to the correct wallet address and containing the message in the transaction memo, or you can click the fingerprint button to automatically be taken to Zelcore with a pre-configured transaction ready for you to sign and send.

If you click the fingerprint button, a pop-up will appear in Zelcore with a payment request. Click “Proceed to pay”

This will open a send transaction with all the info pre-configured. Simply click send.

Now go back to the FluxOS dashboard, and click finish. This will bring up a prompt asking you to check you’ve sent the FLUX. Click yes.

Step 4 - Wait for your Flux to confirm

Once you have finished the staking process, you should see your stake appear in the active “Active Stakes” table within your dashboard.

Before your stake can start, your FLUX needs to be completely confirmed. This requires 30 confirmations from the Flux blockchain of your transaction. Each block takes roughly 2 minutes to be found, and therefore your stake will go live after around 60 minutes.

Once your stake is fully confirmed and live, it will appear as such:

Step 5 - Redeem your earnt FLUX

To be continued…


Congratulations, you are now actively contributing to the future of Web3 and the Flux network by providing Flux towards Proof of Useful Staking.

Learn more about flux at Flux — Decentralized Cloud Infrastructure (runonflux.io)

If you are having any issues, feel free to hop into the Flux Offical discord and post a question in the support channel https://discord.io/runonflux

Or ping me directly on Discord @Goldie ¯\_(ツ)_/¯#0001

Note: This guide is not official or from the Flux team, I am just a community member who wants to help :)

If you found it helpful, please consider chucking me a flux or 2 ❤️





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