A Cooperation-Based Constitution for New Zealand ? ~ New Frontiers 2017
Alina Siegfried

I understand the thought of Alina Siegfried, a noble ideal, especially if practiced by individuals with a common goal.

Jacques Fresco’s The Venus Project — Global is also thinking about a resource-based economy, I’ve read a lot about it, it’s worth knowing the project.

The biggest problem is to think about the project based on constitutional decree, we have several examples of empires that have failed because of this thought and the reason is simple:

“People know their own demands and a central power is unable to determine the allocation of all the resources of an economy”

Capitalist thinking is demonized because our perception of a free economy is distorted, let us make a logical exercise:

You have apples and you need a fix in your car, I’m a baker and I want apples. If you do not want my loaves and I want your apples I could try to fix your car, but it would be a disaster and here is the nobility of capitalism, we can achieve our main goals by doing what we are best, money must always be seen as A joker card for the exchanges, “as a certificate of values ​​rendered to society” in this way I can buy my apples and you can have your car repaired by a good mechanic, who at the end of the job can buy my delicious breads. YES, this is the essence of the economy.

The most functional way for a resource-based economy would be the creation of cooperative cells, companies where workers have a fair share of profits, selling their services and products in the current free market, to consolidated companies or startups, with a constitution That does not prevent the proliferation of these cells.

This is a tricky topic, central planning never worked, interventionism never worked.

We need to think of a better and fairer world but we must not lose our freedom to create and innovate, we need to preserve the examples that have brought us prosperity and we need to focus on a way to evolve from our current condition and not discard everything to risk on an uncertain initiative.

History speaks for itself, the socialist model of economics has failed because of this, my country has failed for this.

You can be sure that Brazilians have a lot more to learn from you.

One Day I’ll Be Back, New Zealand is an Incredible Country.

(sorry for english mistakes)

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