Announcing: Crypto Takeovers

Crypto-fans rejoice!

The blockchain is ushering in a new, massive, category of collectibles games. This new category is made possible by cryptocurrencies’ fungibility and divorce from the traditional fiat system, traits which make it radically easier to transact value for virtual goods in global-from-day-one marketplaces and without integration with or required approval from traditional payment solutions providers.

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While we’ve loved seeing the explosion of crypto collectible games we’ve been frustrated by how the vast majority of the games are designed to be short-lived, get-rich-quick schemes for the game creators instead of long-term, sustainable strategic games. As we’ll detail in future blog posts, Crypto Takeovers is creating a new gaming model that prioritizes the gamer first. We are building a community with a fair playing field, with real upside for players and sustainable economics. We are super excited to be part of this revolution and today we are finally ready to start sharing our project with the world.

Meet Crypto Takeovers

Ever wished you could be as powerful as Xi Jinping, Genghis Khan, Michael Bloomberg, Julius Caesar, Napoleon or Alexander the great? Now you can. Our idea was to create a collectibles’ strategy game that would leverage the power of blockchain and combine virtual collectibles with real-world data. In Crypto Takeovers players compete to take over the countries and cities all over the world to build the greatest crypto empire ever built. With every move you can gain more power, fortune and get one step closer to world domination.

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How does it work?

In short, players buy and sell real-life cities (NYC, London, Paris, Tokyo, etc) and real-life countries (US, China, India, Korea etc). Each of these virtual items has a base in-game Power Index value directly extrapolated from it’s population size and GDP. The Power Index of a given virtual good is can also be influenced how trendy is a #City or a #Country right now on the web. For example, if #London was mentioned much more than other cities, the London virtual item will receive a Power Index boost. The higher a your aggregate Power Index (whether through the number of virtual goods or their respective boost/value) the higher your ranking on the Midas List is going to be. With EVERY transaction of the game, 1% will be automatically split among the players on the Midas List with the higher positions receiving a larger amount based on their position. Now all you need to do is to show what you’re made of and beat everyone else!

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Anything else I should know?

This is just our first public appearance and there’s a lot more we’ll be sharing in the coming weeks: more details about the game, the developers behind it and the timeline for the launch.

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