CFAR + 3

I’m writing this post in Evernote rather than directly on Medium because it’s the most reasonable compromise given that I want to work on this, I’m waiting for the subway after attending the (allegedly) weekly CFAR alumni dojo, and I don’t feel like turning on my MiFi. In particular I’ll probably lose signal anyways once the train arrives and I board.

I seem to have turned out much less agenty today than my expectations. A large part of my morning was eaten up by a visit to the tailor (yay pinstripe suit) and the girlfriend staying over. This basically meant that I have almost no time actually at work trying to get things done. Tomorrow morning is allocated to some of those things, in particular actually getting a first draft of the course outline for the first course done is important because keeping moving and kinda commitment to it now that I’ve told Val about the plan. (I still independently thing it’s a right thing to do, especially for my learning, but…vague worries).

One disadvantage of this format is it’s unnatural to display two notes from different workbooks side by side. This makes it slightly more tricky to explore why/how things didn’t get done. One thing is that the rationality dojo (and planning for it etc) ate up most of my evening. I’m not sure that I got immediate value out of it proportional to that — there doesn’t seem to be a huge amount more low-hanging fruit to be had.

One thing that I wonder about working on is stage presence. Anna was very definitely trying for it, Val has a lot of it, not so sure about Kenzi. I wonder how much of it is just being confident. Also the thing about Val never saying um or uh was not a thing I had consciously picked up on but it is probably one of the contributors to it. That seems like a useful thing to cultivate. I probably can do it as a deliberate performance thing, forming whole sentences in the mind before speaking them aloud will help.

I have a vague uneasy feeling still about all this stuff that is supposed to happen the first week-ish of August. I should touch base with people about gencon hotel situations and make arrangements if still necessary. And also related to that, figure out the bachelorette party situation and make arrangements for the cottage and to fly at the correct times and so on. These are all awesome things — perhaps prop urges is appropriate here?

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