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While visiting San Francisco for SFBW in 2017 I discovered a new revolutionary blockchain, Solana. My co-founder, Luis, messaged me with excitement about the Proof of History concept they were innovating on. We began chatting about the grand experiment going on between sharding and composability. We don’t know which is better, we didn’t know which will win, but there are clear visions for each path.

For context, the argument goes as follows: Blockchains have scaling problems, and not every blockchain application needs to be able to connect to each other. By designing a system to have independent shards, with limited composability, blockchains will be better able to scale and cater to unmet demand for decentralized applications. On the other hand, by embracing a one-shard approach where every smart contract has full composability on one, single layer, the increased connectivity of these core building blocks, or “money legos” could unlock more exciting possibilities by providing the potential to connect in ways we haven’t yet imagined. …

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Alongside our public testnet release, we are extremely excited to release the full overview of Pocket’s economic model. For context, Pocket Network is a protocol that incentivizes people to run full nodes, for any blockchain, lowering the barrier of entry for *anyone* to participate in a global market of blockchain infrastructure.

This document provides a detailed breakdown of our rationale and the mechanisms that ensure Pocket’s sustainability and censorship resistance over the long run. For the full economic overview of Pocket Network, please click here.

The document is divided primarily into two parts — an overview of why Pocket will provide infrastructure a magnitude more efficient than current solutions and the complete economic spec of the protocol. …

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It’s the start of a new decade, and now is as good a time as any to reflect on what we’ve accomplished to date. Having been deep down the rabbit hole in this space since I bought my first bitcoin in 2013 on Coinbase, I’ve been through tremendous personal growth, and have seen our team and the industry as a whole go through an incredible journey.

Summing up 2019 in one sentence:

2019 is the year where the theoretical became practical and Pocket’s software was used in production environments for the first time, validating our ideas and insights that we had as far back as 2016. …


Michael O'Rourke

Throwing darts. Tauren Druid in a past life. Building Pocket Network. Musings on product, blockchains, iOS and other random things I’m interested in.

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