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As I sit at my desk, I am appalled by Nigerians and their outcry against the government’s attempt to protect them. It reminds me of my last ramble on the inability to please Nigerians as we carry out our government duties.

Scrolling through my social media feeds, I can see that one in every 5 posts is the video of the DSS officials ̶a̶r̶r̶e̶s̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶ k̶i̶d̶n̶a̶p̶p̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶ m̶a̶n̶h̶a̶n̶d̶l̶i̶n̶g̶ leading Mr Sowore towards yet another detention. Everyone is complaining. “Is this the democracy we voted for?” “This is a desecration of democracy” “We are not safe in Nigeria”We have officially…

“Man, calm down”

Recently, there has been a massively misguided outcry and advocacy surrounding an all-time important Bill known as the ‘Anti-Social Media Bill’. From the nickname dubbed for this brilliant piece of legislation, one can already tell that the masses (or rather, strategic voices influencing the masses for personal interest and gain) are only biased and sentimental and have not taken out precious time to read and digest the content of this laudable Bill.

First of all, I must commend our legislature. I say ‘legislature’ and not particularly ‘the 9th Assembly’ because the previous assembly and this one have both done fantastic…

I hate to think of myself as a routine person, but I am. I know this because my day is pretty predictable. My food schedule is predictable. What gets me upset is predictable (although some people will say otherwise). What I say when I pick the phone is predictable. In fact, my colleagues at work pride themselves in acting me out.

It is therefore so that there’s a particular spot just outside the gate of my house where I am prompted to deeply sigh every morning. …

Death is a certain inevitability. And yes, I know that is tautology but, instead, think of it as ‘emphasis’. After living, we leave… or the world ends. Either way, no one is going to be around forever. The topic of Wills and Final Testaments sits one or two ways with people. For some (especially we Africans), the act of writing a will is seen as an invitation to sudden death via sudden accident, food poisoning, cardiac arrest and so on and so forth. …


Let’s play the most illogical game on planet earth! It’s called the ‘Blame Shame Game’. Follow me closely as I take you through its equally illogical rules.

  1. First, there has to be a victim of sexual violence. Now note that this character will not be a player of the game but the subject of it. Character should preferably be female, but can also be male.
  2. There has to also be the perpetrator of the repulsive act. Said character should preferably be male but can also be female. Character is most times a player in this game, but the game…

Day 2

Think of three people in your life. Give your character the hair and laugh of person 1, the face and bedroom of person 2, and the wardrobe and mannerisms of person 3. This is your new protagonist. Feel free to give him or her any other characteristics you’d like. Give us an idea of who your character is by describing only the first 60 seconds of the character’s day.


Dodade’s first minute in the day is always met with the same routine.

You see, he is a poet — But not the good kind. He’s the kind of poet…

(Here I am, shooting my shot at a 30-day writing challenge using these prompts.)

Day 1

Take us through a written walk down your street and to your favorite place through the eyes of somebody else.


Photo by Nick Hillier on Unsplash

She looked again at the sheet of paper in her hand. This was probably the 12th time she was doing that. Just three minutes ago, I had struggled with deciding whether to stand up and ask her for where she wanted to be exactly, or to just sit and mind my business. You can guess which won. …

Photo by Elijah O’Donell on Unsplash

Author: Apostle Paul/Saul (choose most preferred)

I’m happy to be reviewing the two Books of Thessalonians — first, because it’s my first time reviewing Bible Books here, and second, because I was blessed by the Books. I thank Daniel Adeyemi (a.k.a. DTA) for being my inspiration to intentionally include Bible books in my monthly list of ‘Books To Read’.

The Books of Thessalonians are plural because they are divided into two. They are actually two letters written by Paul to the church in Thessalonica. As were all of Paul’s letters, the books of Thessalonians served essentially as a guide to…


Although, I have shed like a cumulative of 10 drops of tears in the last two years (an average of two drops per episode), I have not really cried in a long time. There was a time it was a symptom of an actual health condition (which I’m super grateful to God for healing me), but most times, it has been that I’m either too sad to do something as mundane as crying or too unbothered to waste my tears. …

Book: You’ll Get Through This

Author: Max Lucado

If you had passed by the glass-walled Chicken Republic at the Ikeja City Mall, you’d have seen me in my weird bantu knots, glasses and cold-shoulder top, gesticulating and talking to a man who occasionally switched his gaze from me to his chicken salad as he nodded therapeutically. You’d have thought he was this boss man and I was pitching my strengths to him for employment in his company. But it was just Douglas and I talking. …

Adeboro Odunlami

I love satires so much I try to write them.

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