The rise of the Dark DAO

Here you can see visually what happened in the ethereum transaction network during the attack on The DAO. This blog post will be updated frequently.

Johannes Pfeffer
2 min readJun 17, 2016


Currently I’m updating the graph to reflect the insights in this analysis. Please be patient.

I have moved on to another project for the moment. I’ll be back on this in the next couple of days. Sorry — it’s all happening very fast. The graphics will be back!

Today a new force has risen: “The Dark DAO”. If you don’t know yet what this is all about, read this and this.

Now that it has turned out that The DAO was also a huge multi-million bug bounty program — here is a quick update for those who want a visual of what happened to the network in the first hours after the draining started.

Useful information

The analysis was conducted with the help of this wonderful data source. Thank you nickjohnson!

A notice to readers

This is all happening just right now. Please don’t draw fixed conclusions too quickly. None of the accounts mentioned in this block are necessarily malicious. Also, I’m wrong sometimes. Maybe there is a mistake in the analysis. Please keep that in mind. Thank you.