i wouldn’t like it if i had to be an egg

look i don’t feel like i’m really being a challenger here when i say this but i just think it needs to be said: if a witch or a wizard did a hex on me, and made me have to live my life as a sentient egg, i would greatly dislike that.

clearly i don’t believe i’m shocking anyone when i say this; it’s not supposed to be some big declaration, but sometimes we need to give a voice to our universal truths. if i accidentally did a wicked thing to some kind of powerful sorcerer, and they laid an ancient curse on me, and the next morning i found myself imprisoned in a rotund & spherical cell, i would be none too pleased. i would simply hate my new situation.

i just want to make it abundantly clear — nobody wants to live out their days in the form of an egg. the limitations would be too great to maintain any quality of life. frankly, the human mind would likely descend into oblivion as a coping mechanism, rendering you an effective vegetable, trapped for eternity in a dumb oval.

i just don’t want to be a fucking egg ok

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