Online African Film Festival — Quick start

Hello !

Cinewax introduces the first Online African Film Festival. It has started since 15 november ! You will have access to the movies until the 15th of december included.

We are very happy of your support and energy.

We have had some technical issues with the platform, and we decided to do this quick guide to help you start the experience.

We are a little charity, and we put all our efforts and passion into this festival. We are doing our best to provide a functional platform with beautiful african films.

4 things to know before starting OAFF

Step 1

To start the festival, please confirm your subscription to our newsletter. This is our only way to be in touch with you, and inform you about the OAFF festival’s planning, events, and film release.

click here → (no need if you are already subscribed)

You will normally receive a mail with a link to purchase your ticket (see step 3 if you have a problem at this step)

Step 2

After subscription, check your SPAM, and the tabs PROMOTION and FORUM. A lot of you didn’t get our information mail about the film program.

You just have to place your mail into your main inbox (see here how to do it). ex : for gmail users, simply “drag & drop” the email into your main inbox tab.

Step 3

To purchase you Online OAFF Ticket directly and watch the films, go here : (payment by credit card).

Keep your password carefully. In case of loss, you can always reset it, but you want to avoid that step ;)

Mobile payment is only ready for Ivory Coast today, by using Julaya app

Step 4

Last information about the festival : You can watch the 30 movies of the festival between November 15th to December 15th only. After this day, we will still have the platform running, but the movies will not be the same. So enjoy it now !

Technical support
For any technical inquiry (white or black screen, player that doesn’t play, payment problem), please fill the form : (responses under 24–72h)
Unfortunately, If you country is not on the list of available territories, you won’t be able to watch the movies or subscribe to the platform. Therefore, it is normal that you get a error while trying to subscribe (see the full country list on the landing page)
That’s all for today !
Let us wish you a good festival
Cinewax OAFF Team (US and Canada) (United Kingdom)

Bonus : here is the trailer of the OAFF Festival


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