Transform your boredom into the most exciting safari adventure of Tanzania

Bored from your daily life? Want to change your life in a new way? Then, Ombeni African Safaris has carried many Safari packages. And if you are thinking for the exploration of Great Africa. Then why don’t you start your journey with the land of diverse climates, land of beautiful diversity in plants and a home for more than thousands of species? And this beautiful land is called Tanzania. Tanzania is the most beautiful country to admire. There is a lot of things for which you can praise Tanzania. From its vast spread Savannah to the beautiful dense rainforests. If it is offering the traversing track through its scorched deserts, then it is also providing a glimmer of the snow-capped mountains. There’s much to visit Tanzania and our exclusive Tanzania Trekking packages are offering the exploration of these enchanted highlights. With our Tanzania Trekking packages, you can visit the rarest corners of amazing Tanzania. Our Safari will take you to the most wonderful adventure of your life.

Tanzania offers the great variety in its geographical conditions. It offers the watching various unique species of dense rainforests which can only be found in Tanzania. These species can be floral or faunal but it is definitely confirmed that in years of time, they get habituated of this pleasant surroundings. With the Dense rainforests, your trip will also traverse through the hot burning sand of Tanzania through the Sahara Desert and Nyiri Desert. These two long deserts are best on their own. These deserts serve as home to some animals who are living here for many years. But the bad thing is that these desert are depleting these days continuously which is also bad for those animals who live here but the other bad thing about this dessert is that the person can die if he gets lost in this long desert.

After travelling the hot desert and wild rainforests, your eyes will see the sky but there is something which will interrupt your view of watching the clear sky. And this great antiquity is the highest free-standing mountain in Africa, the great Mount Kilimanjaro. We at Ombeni African Safaris also offers various pleasurable moments of Kilimanjaro Trekking Safaris. In these Kilimanjaro Trekking Safaris, your journey will inspire you for summiting the great Mount Kilimanjaro. And these Safaris will take you to the most immiscible but beautiful places in Tanzania. From the top of the mountain or while trekking through the long and narrow straps leading to the peak of the mountain will give you some fascinating glimpses of Tanzania. It will be the most pleasurable moment when you will conquer the summit of the free-standing tallest mountain in Africa. And watching down from the top of the mountain will be most fearing and wonderful feeling. Because from there, you will be watching the whole Tanzania covered with mist and cloud. And when these clouds shattered, you will watch the most delightful moments where every animal resemble an ant and the land looks like a beautifully painted image.