Obo299 You are trolling sir.
Bee Millz

I’m responding to what I read. If your story is devoid of facts and accuracy, that is on you. I am assuming you are telling the truth. Should I not?

Instead of talking to your “friend” like an adult, both of you acted like petulant children. This problem could be death with in 10 mins on the phone. Instead, your driving thousands of miles, leaving the state blah blah seriously? I expect this from highschool students, not what appears to be full grown adults that have each gone through mature relationships.

And to top it all off, you blame it on the president. You make a (racist) assumption that becuase your friend is Mexican he must vote democrat, and grow incensed becuase your “friend”, not your husband, father, son , whatever, just a “friend” has the audacity to disagree with you politically.