Jenny you sound a little butthurt about something.
Ed Dunn

You contradict yourself over and over. “Don’t bother to learn code.” but go to hackathons…to do what? Be a hype man? “Don’t bother to build a job history or portfolio,” just buy lunch and golf dates with headhunters. Well shit I hope they like take-out

By the way, where do you find these “headhunters”, Job ads. Apparently Mr. Dunn is stuck in 1996, most companies don’t post job ads. If you want face to face time with a recruiter, wouldn’t going to networking events, job fairs, and meet ups be wiser? Not in mr. Dunn’s world.

Get to the job interview, do you show your github/portfolio/projects. No, remember you didn’t bother to learn anything about coding. Algorithmic questions, pfft who needs to study those. You just make them a bunch of vague promises, and tell them you will learn how to do the job later.

Wow, thanks for the great advice.

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