Well, a few things here. First, this is good conversation! It’s good.
Kel Campbell

Kel thanks for writing this piece.

I as a male, straight married male with three kids, open doors for other males. There. I admitted it. I don’t see the shame in it. Also, I don’t do what your male character did in your retelling. I don’t signal a woman or man to come to my set of doors either. That would be odd. I get it that the man put you in a position of feeling less than him or being seen as fragile (his kind of act seemed to be a cry or demonstration of his superiority or greaterness). That’s all fine. But what isn’t fine is that you perpetuated his notion of being dominant — you did as he told you and went to his side and let the man open the door for the woman.

The second set of doors are irrelevant bc he already stamped his seal and was only trying to be charming ….

Women should demand what they want and not fall into complacency when it can be won. Small actions like opening doors affect the psyche, which seems to be the catalyst of why you wrote this piece ….so maybe it is about the door, and the forums, and the way guys check you out…all these things add up. Put a stop to it and next time politely say “no thank you” and open your own doors.

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