This was meant for my FB page… maybe someday I will post it. For now it will stay right here.

I’ve decided after walking this Earth for a little over half a century, that I have earned just 1 day a year to openly speak my mind.

If my thoughts are stupid or offensive, so be it. After all they are MY thoughts.

The last time I checked, this is still America and there’s still this little thing called Freedom of Speech… It goes both ways. It’s not just for you.

You post your religious, racist, political, homophobic, gay, pro abortion, anti abortion, 2nd amendment bashing, gun slinging thoughts on here DAILY. I do not always agree with them BUT I don’t attack you or Unfriend you over it. Diversity and difference of opinions “make the world go ‘round” being able to voice these is what make us truly free… Don’t you agree?

So here it is in a nutshell.

We are Spiritual beings having a human experience. We meet people all our lives, some we become very connected to, others not so much. Who cares what the ‘packaging’ is? Whether you are white, green, black, red, or purple… Does it really matter? It’s just skin. A family get together in my back yard would look like The United Nations threw up if everyone showed up. I was raised to be color blind and for that I thank my family and people I love and looked up to as a child (Rosvanis’)

Does it really matter if love is found and cherished between 2 men? 2 women? Or a man and a woman? Again, it’s just packaging… What matters is in the inside, the heart. And if they’re doing no harm to each other, or anyone else and are happy…it’s not a problem to me! I am so happy to see people truly happy and loved. Who are you to judge? You are free to turn your judgmental head.

Pro/Anti abortion … No I don’t think abortion should be used as birth control. But I feel it should be safely and legally for those who feel it is their ONLY option. To me aborting an unborn child is an act of total desperation… I think that there should be more programs in place to support these women (both financially and emotionally) and find loving homes for the ‘misplaced’ babies.

Religion? No religious beliefs should ever harm anyone! It’s that simple… Let God sort it out in the end… He/She doesn’t want anyone to be murdered in “his name” that shit is so Old Testament.

Donald Trump honestly has no business being president BUT I feel he does have a place somewhere in there in fixing the financial mess America is in. I have absolutely ZERO respect for Hillary Clinton (9–11–12… look it up if you don’t know that date 😕) I will NEVER vote for her.

“Gun control” to me that’s like saying to get rid of spoons because there are fat people… Bad people will ALWAYS find a way … I live in Ohio and recently a religious nut with a machete went off on people. Good people need to be able to defend themselves. Just ONE person with their carry concealed permit in that restaurant that night would’ve saved lives.

The other night I was out. with friends. There was drinking and rowdiness. I even saw a couple arguments. Tucked into a hidden pocket of the vest I was wearing was a loaded, one in the chamber 45 with the safety on. And in the opposite pocket was a loaded clip. And I KNOW everyone there with their Carry Conceal permit was packing too. I was not the least bit afraid of being shot that night… Or anyone pulling out their gun in an argument and shooting anyone else. Even when the fireworks were going off not one “celebration” shot was fired… You all act like if people had guns it would be “the Wild West” you are mistaken…

Another thing I don’t “get” is that 99% of you wanting “gun control or gun bans” are pro abortion… That’s just STUPID. You would want to kill an unborn baby BUT stop a responsible grown ass adult from protecting themselves?????

I am educated … Not a dumbass redneck. I have the initials behind my name to prove it.

These are my thoughts, feelings, and opinions about the world I see around us… you are free to have your own… but these, these are mine.

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