Hello Oncology Analytics!

By Vignesh Chandramouli, Vice President, Oak HC/FT

Since our launch in 2014, Oak HC/FT has been focused on pursuing win-win opportunities across the entire healthcare spectrum. Oncology represents a particularly large and important area for our team and our resident oncologist, Zeke Emanuel, owing to the sector’s large scale combined with a host of factors driving change — including the rapid pace of pharmaceutical innovation, growing complexity of treatment pathways, and arduous prior-authorization processes for providers.

Enter Oncology Analytics, which is unlocking new opportunities by helping providers to keep pace with the latest academic literature, payers to ensure the appropriate treatment for their beneficiaries, and patients to receive the best care — whether or not they have access to academic-grade providers.

Founded in 2009 by Dr. Marc Fishman, Oncology Analytics leverages a deep bench of specialty oncologists, oncology pharmacists and researchers to develop and curate a database of over 6,000 treatment protocols across chemotherapy, radiation, and precision medicine. This growing database, paired with peer-to-peer consultations for treating physicians and analytics-driven insights for payers and oncologists are the reasons why Oncology Analytics is quickly becoming a trusted resource for cancer care in the healthcare ecosystem.

Oak HC/FT is excited to support Oncology Analytics by joining with Sandbox Industries and McKesson Ventures to announce Series B financing in support of the company mission and momentum. We are champions of CEO Rick Dean, previously of Optum and Humedica, and are excited to help the full team at Oncology Analytics bring their solution to more patients, payers, and providers across the country.