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I was born in Oakland and grew up in the days when the Athletics and Raiders were great franchises. The Haas years were a wonderful time, great attendance, an unbelievable lineup and some winning years. The Beane years are horrendous. Trading players worth watching for continual prospects. The fans of this club now are wanna be owners and GMs who love the idea of finding a prospect, all of which leads to the prospects trade. The recent years have been brutal, from the trades of Cespedes, Donaldson, Reddick, and numerous decent prospects like Russell. Yet, the movies and articles talk of Beane when in fact the real GM in the Bay Area is Sabian. As an Oakland born and raised child it pains me to watch what has become of this franchise. There is no longer a commissioner in MLB, they deserve no protection at the federal level, and I say a Pox to all their houses as owners, whose greed and depravity have run far afoul.

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