Blog Post 2

While managing our social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook, for these last couple of weeks, we have not necessarily had a lot of success posting due to the fact that many of The Oak Leaves writers have not responded to emails that we have been sending them asking them for questions. But from the few that we have emailed, two of them have responded to us and we have created an infographic for them highlighting some of their responses to the questions that we asked in our “Behind the Writer” segments. The answers that we received were helpful for attracting attention to the post and we believe these kinds of posts will help promote The Oak Leaves and also will assist it in growing now that people will know the writers on a more personal level than before.

When we were brainstorming content ideas for our different platforms to post, we were drawn to Luttrell’s chapter 7 discussion on Photo and Video Sharing. In that chapter, we all remembered that she said that people are more drawn to pictures due to all of us being visual beings, we love to learn visually instead of always looking right at unattractive, black and white text. That is the main reason as to why we chose to create infographics and to also ask each writer for a good picture of them to post with their quotes. Also, when it comes to getting the word out about our pages, sharing photos is sure to grab the attention of other people when being shared than a normal, text-filled post would.

Also when thinking of different things to post, we recalled Erica Graphman stating that when she posted wordy, text posts, she received far less interactions with people than when she posted a photo or other visual content. With interactions being the main goal for us as a social media account, we felt that visual content was the way to go because we want people to share our posts, we want people to feel comfortable responding back to us, and we want people to learn more about the great newspaper that we have on campus.

Erica also said not to post too much on your page, and if you look at our page, we have had no problem with that whatsoever. As we move forward, we hope to post more often and get the page to have more followers and more interactions with students and other people in the Manchester Community. We will be trying out some other tactics to reach these goals and we hope that they will work with the followers that we have thus far!

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