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I think regardless of what you say or accuse people of that this is a great example of the situation this country is in .I saw where some one`s comment stating that most all Muslims were good people.There is no doubt that there are good Muslims but the truth is all the radical Muslims want to kill you and the ones who are not radical will sit back ,watch and then cheer the radical Muslims on .In studies its estimated between 1 fifth to a quarter of all Muslims are radical and their main goal in life is to kill you if you do not believe in the Muslim religion .The Qumran basically tell them to do this. There is a estimated 1.6 billion Muslims in the world and this means there are close to 400,000,000 million radical Muslims in the world that wants to kill you .This is just a estimated figure because nobody really knows. Anyway this is a great analogy and Democrats needs to chill ,it will all be over with soon ,,and you lose ,,,,

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