HTTP2 Push and NSURLSession

I want to talk about recently heard terminology which name is HTTP/2 Push mechanism. I heard this terminology from WWDC 2016 NSURLSession conference.

NSURLSession ensures us to communicate with web services to get data dynamically. So NSURLSession indispensable class for mobile iOS application development. Nowadays, a big part of mobile iOS applications use this helper class to communicate with web services.

NSURLSession also support HTTP/2 Push mechanism. It ensures more faster communication than HTTP/1.1 mechanism.

This picture shows the speed of HTTP/2 according to HTTP/1.1. In above picture application requests a index.html with HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2. Difference between two mechanism is latency time. HTTP/1.1 mechanism works ordered request and response structure however HTTP/2 push mechanism ensures us multiple requests and responses concurently. Besides it ensures two times faster response time.

The great thing is that, NSURLSession support HTTP/2 Push mechanism naturally. No need to extra development effort for support this mechanism in our iOS applications.