The story behind how we built Savee.

The Idea

First moodboard / sketch we made back in January of 2016

"I save it to a folder, on my desktop."


First real prototype of Savee running (it was just a long scrolling grid)

We both had(and still have) full-time jobs, so we kept scrambling between work, family time, sleep and other normal life activities, but we were too passionate about it to let it go.

Savee first brand explorations.
Random color explorations.
Final brand after many backs and forth :)

these guys are nuts

This is us, in the morning that we launched Savee. As you can see, juggling between 'priorities'.

The future




Staff Designer @YouTube. Creator @savee and @movetoapple / past @squarespace and @netflix

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Getting Started!

Skeuomorphism isn’t back… yet.

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Andre do Amaral

Andre do Amaral

Staff Designer @YouTube. Creator @savee and @movetoapple / past @squarespace and @netflix

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