The Future of Work Is Now, Now Work It

As we’ve seen, covid_19 has birthed an unprecedented disruption across every sphere of life. The way of work and the job market has been and will continue to be disrupted but, in all obstacles and problems, there are countless opportunities and possibilities.

Distinction in leadership isn’t a mindset, distinction in leadership is a state of mind. ~ Onyi Anyado.

It's no coincidence I've called the 2020's "The Era of Creative Distinction" and the 2030's "The Era of Trailblazing Distinction" so with these timeless truths, as an employee, below are some jobs of the future which you can start pivoting towards knowing the future you're not thinking about has already started.

• 3D Printing Engineer

• IT Service Broker

• Ethical Sourcing Manager

• Augmented-reality journey builder

• Biofilm installer

• Rewilder

• AI Psychologist

• Human-machine teaming manager

• Drone traffic optimizer

• Agile supply chain worker

• Quantum Data Analyst

• Trash engineer (aka Garbage designer)

• Cybersecurity Expert

• Mental Health Professionals

• Digital Media Specialist

• Cloud Architect

• AI Engineer

• Data Analyst

• Information Security Analyst

• Data Scientist

• DevOps Engineer

• Full-Stack Developer

• Solutions Architect

• Alternative Energy Installers and Technicians

Yes, the job market will continue to be disrupted and there will be many job losses and the merging of jobs but through it all, the lists which isn’t inclusive shows the time is right to plan, strategies and work towards tomorrow’s work distinction, today.

In my new video on "the future of the future" I share more insight and practical inspiration. The video can be watched via link Watch video.

The future of work is such that those who are already working the future will end up leading, in the future. ~ Onyi Anyado.

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