I want to start this by presenting myself. I am Oana, a 19 years old romanian that is studying in Copenhagen, Denmark. I could say that the past two months have been really difficult for me. When I got my letter of admission it felt like a dream for me. I honestly didn’t believe it. But I got here and of you have to know one thing about Copenhagen is the fact that is very hard to find accommodation. I am still on a waiting list for student accommodation and right know I am living in a hostel. It isn’t so enjoyable because there are a lot of people coming and leaving and you can’t really do what you want. If you wanna sleep let’s say in the afternoon, you can’t do that. I got used to it a little bit, not completely but still. I was excited to come here and experience different things and all of that was kind of ruined because the accommodation situation. It is emotionally and physically exhausting. But I hope that I will get a place soon and I will say that this was worth it.

Did you experience things like this? I would really want to hear your stories to see that I am not the only one in this situation. I definitely am not the only one, but I want to connect with people that have been through something like that or are going right now, like me.

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