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Connections make the world go round

Being a community builder for more than 5–6 years gave me enough room to experiment in a bunch of ways. From building and empowering creative tribes till going far beyond that and offering restless support to other doers from the playground.

Everything I’ve done so far showed me how crucial connections could be. Not in terms of finding a wide range of shortcuts (even though I’d lie if I’d say they don’t matter, they do), but especially regarding creating liaisons between people that can grow together and reach their full potential. Being alone in the driver’s seat doesn’t feel sexy anymore. Individuality has limited power while the collective effort can boost everything. Including creativity.

Connections helped me discover striking creative entrepreneurs.

People that make money out of their talent translated in eye-candy products, both digital and non-digital, flawless services, amazing experiences. They give me energy and the feeling that (almost) everything can be achieved. Nowadays, it’s not a matter of resources anymore. You can easily get them in a way or another: fundraising, crowdfunding, family, friends and other fools, you name it. All of them can be your comrades, at least for a while.

Connections give me a sense of belonging.

I feel I’m an active player in a certain tribe, and I’m proud of this small win. I highly appreciate the fact that I have similar struggles with other people, that I dig deeper alongside great folks, and that I’m not the only one who feels okay to admit the‘’I don’t know’’ answer to several questions. It’s a balance that it feels good, I admire, and I’m grateful for.

Connections are the most powerful tool to know where you stand.

It’s so damn easy to think you’re the rockstar around here, but knowing other people on a deep level quickly shows you that you have a long path ahead. It’s the ideal way to stay real and don’t fool yourself into believing you’re the shiny star in the universe. Much more to come, dear friend.

I’m happy to know that after so many years I still have a strong network of growing connections. People around me evolved in beautiful rhythms, and their songs sound impressive. The best part is that I still have to learn the steps, but they’re willing to give a helping hand. On the dance floor, mates!

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