Pixelgrade helps storytellers showcase their ideas in style

Pixelgrade’s crew, which I’m part of, is a design studio where we create WordPress themes that solve digital problems. We help storytellers of all kinds kick-off their journey with the right foot through Pixelgrade’s Club. Welcome!

After seven+ years of being a freelancer and delivering copywriting, content writing, and storytelling services; after studying top-class courses from IDEO and Paul Jarvis, I dare to assume that the visual package weights a lot. Especially when it comes to stories written on the crowded and messy web.

Change of a paradigm

I genuinely believe that we — writers in the most general sense — as an industry overcame the nostalgic feeling around the pen-and-paper era.

There’s no doubt that everyone has its unique style and approach when it comes to putting together the pieces of an inspiring story. However, nowadays people need, maybe more than ever, to achieve a particular social status with their writing. To get compliments from their peers. To capture emotions. To impress.

The lone wolf era has ended. The longform that doesn’t see the light of day will most probably get lost somewhere. The thoughts shared offline with a couple of friends are framed as romantic (at best).

The strong appetite to share stories with the whole world is increasing from one day to another. It’s not just the fame and glory that pops-up when the likes and claps are exploding; it’s also the strong need for belongingness. The desire to know that there’s someone at the end of the world that might be interested in hearing your ideas. The endless hope to create meaningful connections. The lovely shortcut for massive distances between people, thoughts, perspectives, and contrasts.

Start shipping your stories in the right digital tempo.

We can do better than that

The thing is that today you can’t just write down on a sloppy www and hope that people will show up by default.

Those who are interested and eager to consume your stories will definitely join the party, no strings attached. Reality shows us that there are way too many options out there. Too many people are writing to express the same fears, concerns, joys and everything in between this spectrum.

To make sure your voice will be heard you need to do more than that, and Pixelgrade can lend a hand. We just launched our Club where we offer full and free access to the most popular blogging themes from our growing portfolio. It’s a great opportunity for you to test-drive our products and see which one fits you best. On top of that, it’s a real and straightforward chance to start shipping your stories in the right digital tempo and grab attention from the right tribes.

There are no tricks, no games, no magic recipes. It’s our desire to support a wide range of writers on the path of changing the world for the better through authentic stories. We all need them. Let’s make it happen together.

I’m a proud player at pixelgrade — design studio where we create WordPress themes that solve real digital problems. 🙌