Startup Productivity/Collaboration — what are others using?

A friend asked me recently what tools do I recommend when it comes to productivity/collaboration? first products that came in mind are Trello and GitHub, but I was curious what are others using? is there something better? so I asked some people.

Below you can find 7 bundles of products that do the job and some tips on maximizing their value:

  1. Slack + GitHub (I’ve heard shared opinions when it comes to Slack. Those who were the happiest with it, also had the highest number of integrations with apps like Box, Dropbox, Asana and the list goes on. But this was one of the key value adds, managing a diverse number of applications. The other characteristic of the happiest Slack users was the usage of a payed version like Standard or Plus. The other value add of Slack was the real time communication which makes the users get rid of the time consuming formality of writing emails)
  2. Salesforce + Hipchat + Slack + Dropbox/Box + TinyHR (The outlier here is the fact that this startup actually takes the time to check the pulse of the culture/employee needs with TinyHR. As this blog states, culture should be the 5th element of any company)
  3. All things Google: Gmail, Google talk, Google docs…
  4. Slack + ( is being used as a project management tool and the tip is to meet every morning around 10 or every afternoon around 1:30 to talk about what you did that day)
  5. Slack + Asana/Basecamp/Redmine/Youtrack/ (key is to use some tracking software for your work like Asana and then have the team meetings start by looking at that tracking tool and discuss the items line by line)
  6. Trello + Trello + Trello (I used Trello myself in the past and I can say it’s a good tool for those who think visually and does not require any technical knowledge. Even your mom can use it to organize her recipes, no joke..)
  7. Trello+Slack+Meetings+Outings+scrum+ a bunch of books ( like The Lean Startup written by Eric Ries)

Honorable mentions:

  1. “Talk to each other, frequently. and celebrate success (and failure)!”
  2. The Business Model Canvas — This one has the advantage of always making you think and act with the end goal in mind — finding a scalable and repeatable business model! My recommendation is to look at the BMC on top of the tools that you use for managing your daily work. The BMC is your must-have compass.

Other: Do, Foundersuite, Evernote,, focus, slimwiki, worklife, forest, 1password, talko , yammer, podio, flowdock, quip, realtimeboard, swiggle,

Please comment and let us know if you have any tips and tricks.