Rock-hearted Rocklands

After weeks of camping, pushing my body to the limit, crushing boulder problems and having no skin on my fingers from climbing, my body decided to shut down…

I couldn’t get up in the mornings, I couldn’t climb at all and felt meh the whole time. My limbs are sore and my joints are aching. My mind started to wander and overthink things as I always do. Why do I like climbing? What am I doing here? What am I doing with my life? My body is broken and I don’t want to be here anymore. But on the other hand I know my time here isn’t done, I still need to be here. So I decided to take a couple of cool photo’s to make the most of my time in shut down mode. A picture paints a thousand words doesn’t it?

Snake Cave, Roadside, Rocklands.
Creaking Heights, Roadside, Rocklands.
Caroline, Roadside, Rocklands.
Guy giving a go at Springbok.

After the numerous adventures, I took an extended rest, for like a week, which made all the difference, physically and mentally. Never knew my body could go in shutdown mode the way it did, but I guess that’s what the whole journey is about, getting to learn my mental and physical self better.

I made some new climbing friends. Some climb really hard, some take great photos, some slackline really well and some of I could have real DMC’s with and reflect about my journey.

Lans Hansen on Black Shadow, photo by Alice Hafer,

Check out Lans’s website, probably the best outdoor photographer I know.

Alice Hafer on Electric Copper, photo by Lans Hansen.

Check out Alice’s blog, it’s really cool and so well written. I believe she can be an inspiration to us all. I learned a lot about pushing my limits.

I came across the following verse in Ezekiel 36:26, which I believe is in the process of happening to me

“I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.”

The amount that I have grown in the last month was way beyond what I expected. I thought that I will get bored (as I know the millennial inside me does), but quite the contrary - I just can’t get enough of this journey! Maybe it will end soon, maybe it never ends. I’ll just have to wait and see.

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