Liberating our Bodies with Frequency Play

It’s amazing how much residue our bodies accumulate from our daily interactions. Peoples, environments and actions continuously meet us. Whether this is through our conversations, following a thought pattern that emotionally drains us, eating something that leaves us physically heavy, or exerting our creative juices so much that we simply need to recharge ourselves. Listening to the subtle expressions received through the body key to maintaining highly-positive energy throughout the day.

Our bodies are a highly intelligent form that communicates with us all the time. Feeling lethargic, confused, cranky, impatient, heated or heavy ect. are hints that you might need to take a dip in the pool of abundant source just by focusing on an particular intention.

I’ve come to notice subtle body communication in myself more and more. As a high school teacher, my relationships with students and faculty can be depleting if I am giving too much of my energy away. I can leave a class with an unwanted energetic heaviness. This feeling is expressed as a density or sometimes heat. I intuitively know I need replenishment. I need myself. asap.

Purification Frequency Practice.

Here is the practice. Wherever you find yourself : Inhale deeply — Exhale let go.

Tune into the highest vibration of All There Is. You are going to imagine the unimaginable. Think to yourself.

  • “ I am going imagine the unimaginable.”
  • “ I am going to visualize the infinity of the infinite”
  • “ I will tune into an experience that has never been perceived before.”
  • “ I will tune into an new idea that has yet to be previously thought of. ”

It’s the Intention that Tunes You In.

The intention alone — of tuning into the highest frequency — will give you immediate relaxation and ease. Your body literally opens up and breathes. Let your experience be exactly what it is, without defining it. Its subtle, yet its Everything. Try not to impose your beliefs upon what you are focusing into; whether light, images, blackness, or nothing appears. Rather, confidently know that the intention alone of setting your energy to the highest vibration imaginable is all you need to do to be on the same wave length as it.

Let this frequency you experiencing cleanse your emotional body of all the unwanted density, heat and clutter. Let it purify your senses. Let it give you vitality. Let it free you from what thought processes no longer serve your happiness. Let this frequency remind you of how much you are loved.

Practice for as long as you want. As often as you want. I personally do this 5 to 10 mins, multiple times a day. Its a cleaning practice. You can do this while sitting or even while you are on the go. All that matters is your intention.

Checking in with yourself regularly should be a habitual love making service. Give yourself this purification ritual. When we cleanse ourselves, we open up to a free flowing space of energy where we can live in alignment of truest self. Through grace and joy.