30 videos in 30 days on Copywriting — craft /business /inspiration

This is a series of 30 videos in 30 days that I'll be posting on LinkedIn.

The purpose is to attract clients from abroad.

Im leaving them here for the record and for you guys to watch and give me feedback in case you want to.


Ask yourself this 37 times before trying to sell anything - 1/30

OK, we kinda care about people, but there's someone else we REEEALLY care about and do everything for:

And that's our awesome selves.

In this video, you will get to know the one question you should ask yourself repeatedly before trying to sell anything.

And also the reason you should care about me not caring about you that much.

Ps: Sorry for the lousy voices.

Pps: This is a series of 30 daily videos. I'd appreciate if you give me feedback so I can improve in the process ;)


"Words that sell" is fine but here's a new concept for Copywriting (it involves an Indian blogger) - 2/30


According to Wikipedia, Copywriting is the act of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing.

Judith Charles says in the 80's that "A copywriter is a salesperson behind a typewriter."

These are the classic definitions that stand to this day, but I have found out another one.

When I decided to study more about Copywriting, I got lots of information in. Mental triggers, market research, powerful words and emotions, but I kinda got stuck with all this.

It was too many things to know where to start. Both the business and the actual writing.

So one day I was reading Ramit Smith's blog, "I'll teach you to be rich", and he mentioned he used to start a story from the middle when he was at school.

Instead of going like "last summer, me and my family went to blah blah", he outright said: "I got beaten by a turtle", or something like that.

People read that first line and got curious to know how the hell he'd managed to get his hand inside a reptile's mouth.

And then he told the stories from the beginning.

And I started doing that.

Starting stories with lines like:
- I left a teenager pigeon on the other street;
- I didn't give her a discount 
- The dog wouldn't return me the ball (along with a picture of a strawberry mousse [??])

That got people curious to read the second line, and that's the purpose of the first, right?

I already knew the power of stories in Copywriting, but I hadn't realized it could be ALL about stories.

Stories are captivating, they lead you through a path and make it easier to remember the message. Because of the series of images you create.

So that's when I created my definition of Copywriting.

"Copywriting is a lucrative way to tell stories" - Gustavo Braga

Ps: This is a series of 30 videos and I'd love to get some feedback on what to improve for the ones that follow.


How to make your product sell itself. Two quick stories about detachment - 3/30

"I didn't give her a discount"

That's how I start this story about detachment.

I'll actually tell you two stories on situations when I got advantage on price because I didn't really want to sell or buy.

In this video, I show you how you can (honestly) use this persuasion technique to drive sales for your business.


Ps: This is a series of 30 videos in 30 days. I'd be glad if you gave me suggestions and feedback


To keep growing, have that simple thought in mind: you're a virgin. - 4/30

When I was an English teacher, I was the best in the school. Students and teachers would ask me questions because they know I'd have the answer.

But the things is that I wasn't the best from the beginning. In fact, I convinced myself I was the worst.

And that's exactly what made me the best.

I studied everyday. I had a collection of dictionaries on my phone, and I kept on reading, acquiring more vocabulary and improving my pronunciation.

And that's what eventually made me the best.

In this video, I'll tell you how being honest about where you stand in your business journey is gonna make you evolve (while the opposite will get you stuck).


Thanks for watching!

PS: This is a series of 30 videos in 30 days. I'd appreciate your valuable feedback :D


What a French co-pilot taught me about decision-making 5/30

Do you know what's the only difference between a pilot and co-pilot?

In this video I tell you the story of a conversation I had with a French co-pilot (in French) and what he taught me about decision-making.

Ps: This is a series of 30 videos in 30 days, where I talk about Copywriting - Craft / business / inspiration. Don't forget to leave your feedback and watch tomorrow's video.


What are you really buying when you hire a Copywriter? 6/30
Copywriting is mostly about research and rewriting. It's so simple that you can do it yourself.

So, why would you hire a copywriter?

Watch this quick video to know the two reasons why.

Ps: This is a series of 30 videos in 30 days. It's about Copywriting - craft / business / inspiration.
So, don't forget to leave your feedback and watch tomorrow's video.