Making Design Decisions and Giving a Boat a Brain

Phase 3: Theoretical Work

Sprint 5, January 24 — February 7

The overall goal of this sprint was to finish making all high-level design decisions about the H-boat, Hawsepiper, and begin creating CAD of the different parts of Hawsepiper. Software began making Git Boat autonomous.

High-level Hawsepiper design was finished, and we worked out how the different parts on Hawsepiper are going to come together. We found a way to mount our sail onto our boat such that it could rotate freely while also not falling out of the boat using ball bearings. We also decided that we are going to design the mast in such a way that we have a smaller mast that is always attached to the boat that the actual mast attaches to. This will make it easier to transport Hawsepiper and easier to attach its mast than it was for Git Boat.

Software implemented the A-Star algorithm to plan paths while avoiding obstacles and taking into account the wind direction. Images were converted into a grid of water/land cells, which was then passed onto the A* algorithm. The algorithm weighted directions based on their angle relative to the wind. This will hopefully result in the generation of waypoints for the boat to navigate to.

Electrical ordered waterproof connectors for the Airmar, but overall didn’t have much to do.

We’re finally ready to start creating CAD for Hawsepiper and making lower level design decisions. After that, we can finally begin fabrication on Hawsepiper and keep moving forward with our new boat.

~ Everardo Gonzalez (Mechanical Subteam) and Kyle Combes (Software and Electrical Subteams)