reduce eye strain computer glasses

Without his frameless glasses for the extended computer using a frame pack, but perfectly presents a glass lens that is highly ornamental. In life we ​​will see a lot of people wearing glasses, compared with computer glasses, because there is no limit to the face, suitable for most of the face. Whether you are a square face, long face or round face, wearing glasses is fashionable and beautiful, very popular for young contemporary business men and women. We have over 100 kinds of new style computer eyewear in Canada, you can find the perfect eyeglasses for computer users.

Although there is no special limit to the face of his frameless glasses, which is suitable for the vast majority of his frameless glasses to face, no matter how you face, who wear glasses, do not give a person a very “soil” There are stylish and beautiful reading glasses for the feeling of use of the computer reading glasses.

In addition, it is also very easy to match his frameless computer glasses prescription calculation. But we can not ignore the shortcomings that is stable, without his frameless glasses box because of the structure of the box in his frameless computer screen privacy glasses to wear after a period of time, there may be loosening, which requires repair shops from time to time.

His rimless glasses, although for most facial users wear, but not suitable for high myopia. Because the higher the degree, the lens will be more, so wear computer glasses, there will be unsightly, discordant feeling.

In addition, like the movement of myopia, is not recommended to match his rimless glasses to expand the use of computers. Because of strong movement, likely to cause lens rupture, and thus threaten the health of the eye.