3 types of cotton used for bath towels

Bath towels are that essential part of our daily life which we can’t live without. A nice bath towel has much more impact than you can realize. Not only does it help you clean yourself, but it also adds much to your linen closet. Renowned towel wholesaler Oasis Towels usually crafts the products using cotton fabrics of different types. But what are the different types of cotton that are available with them? Here is a list of three common types of cotton.

  1. Egyptian cotton is one of the most types of cotton used to craft bath towels. It is considered to be one of the most exotic towels. Made of the highest quality cotton it is very popular. They are most popularly known for their absorbing qualities.

Egyptian cotton towels also have a long life span.

2. Turkish Cotton is another type of cotton which is usually grown in Turkey and first used during the Ottoman Empire. The use of intricate embroidery work made them popular amongst the royal families. They are soft, fluffy and extremely strong.

Turkish towels are also known for their luxurious associations.

3. Organic Cotton is the raw form of cotton that has not been touched by the fertilizers. They are organic in nature and are eco-friendly. They are soft and smooth on the skin.

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