3 Ways To Wear A Dress Shirt In The Summer To Look Nifty

Dress shirts are typically formal. Learn how to wear them during the summer for classy and jaw-dropping appearances.

As summer is already here, it is time to reconsider the dressing habits. Dress shirts are a perfect pick for the summer for they are smart to look at, make a strong impact on the onlookers and have more opportunities than any other shirt. It is that in their appeal that lays their versatility. This flamboyant nature of the dress shirts makes them a staple for the summer wardrobe. But how to wear them for different occasions? Keep scrolling, you will find you answer in the article as they have been summarized below.

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Summer business dress shirt look

Working in front of the computer can be extremely difficult (all that heat you see), but if you know the correct apparels to pick, things might look up for you. Since dark colors will only add to your discomfort (it is not us but science saying so), pick light neutral shades. A dress shirt in white teamed with a beige suit and a green tie as an accessory is the perfect pick for a trendy yet smart appearance. A pair of Derby and you are good to go. Wholesale men dress shirts manufacturers have a variety of the same available in a range of pastel colors which are not only comfortable to wear but also soothing to the eyes.

Summer casual dress shirt look

Dress shirt and casual? Yes, they do go with each other. All you need is a nice pair of shorts in earthly tones (brown or green maybe) and team it with a white dress shirt. Use loafers for footwear and aviators for accessories, you will definitely be the talk of the town (not exaggerating!). You can use a sharp leather belt to stand out in the crowd with this well sought out casual appearance.

Summer party dress shirt look

You are going to a party and probably will be wasted after a good few drinks (just saying!). But that entire session of dressing up only to dress down after sometime seems elaborate. But you can actually play smart here. Pick a dress shirt in pastel shades for instance pink and combine it with a pair of coloured trousers like white trousers. Furthermore, wear a nice structured blazer on top (so that even if you remove it, it would not make much difference) and a pair of loafers down under. Keep the rest of the outfit simple for a maximum impact on the ladies in the club.

So this summer, use a dress shirt as your shield and make appearances worth all the praise. Mens designer dress shirts wholesale as available with the best manufacturers can be purchased by retailers at discounted prices.