The fear of trans bodies.
chase strangio

The haters have been using these blood lies for over 45 years now.

Robin Morgan — now the head of an international women’s media group and welcome at the White House — stirred up many at the world’s largest conference of lesbians to hate a post-SRS woman, who was scheduled to sing, in such a way as then stand-up comedienne Robin Tyler had to assist as a bodyguard, by saying she “had the mind of a rapist”. Shortly a women’s recording company was having to hire bodyguards for their touring musicians because their having a trans woman recording engineer was “raping” those buying their records. Then, in Australia and the UK it became “rape” for any trans woman to exist in a hating woman’s presence — however large the location — without her prior consent; only they often failed to explain what definition of “rape” they were using until their victim had been destroyed. They destroyed jobs, careers, lives, and gloried in it. They still do.

And now children are their especial targets.

It is intended to destroy.

Perhaps now they have entered court records we shall definitively end them.

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