Entrepreneurship And Safety

When I was a young teenager I remember doing some crazy stunts. Along with my brother I remember going downhill on a city street on one bicycle and not realizing that we will need a way to stop of a car drives across any of the intersections. It didn’t matter. The thrill of doing the act was more exciting than thinking of safety nets.

We didn’t have bike helmets or knee pads. We ran around carefree in the afternoon while our parents relaxed inside. I remember exploring different parts of the city on my trusty old bike – a BMX with paddle brakes (which I am sure was a knockoff but who cares!)

Over the years our parents started to get more cautious about what we did and how we played. They started to give us the “safety nets”. Which from a distance looks harmless but in reality it can really impact your growth as an individual.

What I have learned as an entrepreneur – and what I believe we should also teach our kids – is the concept of taking risks. Don’t get caught up in looking for safety nets. When you try to look for safety nets, fear and doubt starts taking over. You lose the ability to fight against the tough situations.

Jump into action. Do the impossible. Change your own destiny. Keep safety in mind but don’t make it your priority.

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