An Analysis Of The 30 Startups That Made It To The Aso Villa Demo Day Finals

The Nigerian Government yesterday released the list of the startups and individuals that made it to the finals of the President’s pitch event tagged Aso Villa Demo Day (AVDD). The finalists were drawn from the different pitch events that held across the country. There has been a bit of unease as to the delay of the list but its finally here.

Keep reading to see the list of entrepreneurs who made it to the Aso Villa Demo Day finals. First, here is our analysis of the list below:

Food And Agric Related Startups Topped The List

Food and Agric related startups topped the list although we had about seven businesses which we were unable to categorize due to insufficient information. It’s either of two things, perhaps more people are responding to the government’s call to #ThinkAgric and Go Back To Farming. The second point is, there might been a slight bias from organizers towards such startups in line with the government’s agricultural drive. On another note, it might just be that it’s pure coincidence.

Here’s a chart we produced below:

Others* - Includes one of each; HR, Socent, Transport, Recylcing, Edtech

Others* — Includes one of each; HR, Socent, Transport, Recylcing, Edtech

While we have some E-commerce startups on the list, it is refreshing that there are a number of other startups using alternative models to solve the nation’s problems.

Women Entrepreneurs Made Up About 27% Of The List

We did a check to find the number of women entrepreneurs, something we really care about. We found that women made up 27% of the list although we were unable to ascertain the gender of 12% of the finalists. They were 33 finalists in all. While it is good that we have women representation on the list, it can definitely be better for future events. There needs to be more examples for girls across the country to look up to. We need to ensure we keep sending across the positive message that the sky is the limit in this country not just for male children but for their female counterparts also.

We Were Excited About Cedar Seeds Foundation

Cedar Seeds Foundation puts special focus on a group of people that are typically sidelined in many economic activities in the country; People living with disabilities! The vision of the foundation is “to create a world where persons with disabilities are mainstreamed and included fully in government policies and programs and enjoy equal human rights based development agenda”

It was founded by Lois Auta who herself moves around with the aid a wheel chair. The foundation pitched an idea to build solar panels in strategic locations. The difference is that they will be built by people living with disabilities. It is noble and exciting to say the least.

There Were Hardware Related Startups On The List

Major focus in the past few years amongst tech founders and entrepreneurs has been on building software solutions. There are just a handful of startups focused on solving the hardware related challenges that exist. Grit Systems, Micro Scale Embedded and the “Data Capturing Technology idea” caught our attention. They represented just about 7% of the finalists but it was good to see such enterprises brought to the fore by the AVDD project.

Some Of the Startups/Ideas Have No Website Or Online Footprint

Websites are definitely not a criteria for success in business. It is however an important tool to have in this digital age. Some of the businesses or ideas had no websites or were difficult to find online. There are free platforms that can be used to build free websites. It is crucial for entrepreneurs to make themselves visible for clients, investors, media and general public to engage with online. Sadly some of them have lost some of the opportunities presented by the publicity because people can’t find them online.

On a side note, it would also have been great to get more details from the organizers of AVDD about the finalists. There is scanty information about a couple of them on the internet. This will not only be good for transparency and credibility but will also be advantageous for the entrepreneurs themselves.

In conclusion the Federal Government has done well to set up this project and it is a good start. As with all projects, there are definitely improvement opportunities that should be looked into.

Full List Of The 30 Finalists

  1. Chika Uwaeze / TalentBase
  2. Obidipe Oluwaseun / Mocapro
  3. Tele Ogundipe / Egusi Soupe
  4. Amaka Osita / FuelVoucher
  5. Tolu Adeyanju / Red Bank
  6. Ifedayo Oladapo / Grit systems
  7. Nkem Okocha / Mama Noni Limited
  8. Ebuka Nwora / Etyres
  9. Dami Olokesusi / ShuttlersNG
  10. Amarachi Nwanamodo / Amagzy Global Ventures
  11. Oladimeji Sofowora, Wole Ralph, and Laolu Ojeniyi /One Medical
  12. Mogbeyiteran Tosan / Blackswan
  13. Angela Adelaja / Fresh Direct
  14. Ahmed Sodiq / Micro Scale Embedded
  15. Dimgba Kalu / Projaro
  16. Abubakar Gabar and Abdul Samad Gorbin / They pitched a data capturing technology
  17. Emmanuel Okena / Tracology
  18. Lois Auta / Cedar’s Seed
  19. Kamaludeed Sabiu / Seamless system
  20. Peter Agada / Tiller Cyrus
  21. Desmond Okoye / Doctor’s office
  22. Uzuq Tim / Tembe
  23. Alifa Nicholas / Ajaoku
  24. Roland Reagan and Edmond Adoku / Meditech
  25. Akinola Solomon Oluwasegun / Africa on the rise tech community
  26. Alison Ukonu / RecyclePoints
  27. Uche Ariolu / Foodstantly
  28. Benson Godwin / Tuteria
  29. Mina Ogbanga / Ascent GP
  30. Odior Yole / GO CV

Originally published at Techvoize.