VConnect Just Made Easier To Engage The 1.2 million Businesses On Its Platform

VConnect, Nigeria’s largest search engine for local businesses has redesigned it website making it easier for users to discover and engage the 1.2 million businesses on its platform. VConnect started off as a business listings website before pivoting to an e-commerce platform, enabling its users sell their goods. Now it has made some changes that appears to have its users in focus.

Here’s what Deepankar Rustagi the platform’s founder said about the website upgrade:

“Our goal is to provide complete information that helps users to find and connect with businesses that are right for them. VConnect isn’t just a business search engine; it’s a discovery and engagement platform”.

VConnect's MD; Deepankar Rustagi

VConnect’s MD; Deepankar Rustagi

What Has Changed?

  • For one, the search bar that used to be on the website before it pivoted to an e-commerce platform has returned. You can simply type in a business, product or service in the bar depending on what you are looking for.
  • People can now recommend the best and most relevant businesses in a category using the curation tool.
  • Users can now provide reviews more easily as the process has been greatly improved.

More Reasons For The Website Upgrade?

We have attempted to posit more reasons we believe might have necessitated the website changes, read below:

  • A robust platform for businesses: We couldn’t find a better way to title this but it appears VConnect is attempting to build a one stop shop for it users to find all the information and products they need. It is looking to combine the data it has about businesses with its e-commerce feature to deliver a seamless shopping experience for users. The website will also further establish itself as a review and recommendation tool for businesses, products and services.
  • Feedback from users: VConnect might have done this following user feedback and/or insights from what they are doing on the websites. It wants users to now spend more time on the platform which will most likely lead to a shopping decision. The new changes will empower the users to make better shopping or business decisions as the case may be.
  • Alternative sources of revenue: Perhaps in line with the times, VConnect might be expanding its revenue sources. We are not certain about this one but could VConnect be converting the massive data it has into revenue? It’s possible.
Upgraded VConnect Website

Upgraded VConnect Website

For now the changes make sense given that it will add value to VConnect’s users. However, only time, level of user interaction and the revenue numbers will provide the final verdict.