Do You Accept the Call to Adventure?

You can only become the hero once you accept the call to adventure

We are all protagonists in our life’s story, however only a few of us dare to choose to be the hero in it too.

The call to adventure is a component of the Hero’s Journey made famous by the well known comparative mythologist and literature professor, Joseph Campbell.

According to Campbell, all hero’s adventures start with a call to adventure.

Before any adventure can begin, the hero needs to accept the call to adventure. The call to adventure is information presented to the hero in the form of a problem, challenge or request that requires the hero to make a decision — either accept the call or ignore it.

In Popular Media:

The hero’s journey is well documented in many popular Hollywood movies and accepting the call to adventure can be seen in these movies:

The Matrix — Neo is asked to make a choice, Red Pill or Blue Pill

The Hobbit — Gandalf asks Bilbo to join after knocking on his door.

Star Wars — Luke hears Leia’s call for help

Accepting the call to adventure is the point when the hero accepts to move out of their own comfort zone into a new realm and start their journey.

Your Call to Adventure

There’s a point in your life where you answer the call for adventure. Maybe it was in the past. Maybe is now. Or maybe it will be sometime in the future. What is certain, is you will feel the call and it will come for you.

Everybody at some point in their life get their’s call to adventure.

The need to answer the call to adventure is felt from within. It’s its driving force and manifests from inside. The only question is, are you ready to accept it?


Are you ready?

Most people are not. The majority of people never answer their call to adventure. It’s either too difficult, too uncomfortable or too daunting.

Many of us refuse to accept the call because of the unknown. The uncertainty of the journey preys on the hero’s insecurity, fear and obligation to the task.

Are you the Protagonist or the Hero?

The protagonist is the main character. The hero is the one who goes out and gets things done. The protagonist can become the hero if he accepts the call to adventure.

The reality is, if you don’t live your life as the hero of your own story you will never truly be at peace with yourself. You only live once and life is not a dress rehearsal. Living life knowing you have been faithful to yourself and your dreams is the only way to be truly at peace.

And this journey starts with accepting the call to adventure.

Are you ready to write the story of your life?

The Hero’s journey we see popularized on Hollywood blockbusters is a metaphor for life and can help us get unstuck and moving forward once again.

It’s a metaphor for real life

Joseph Campbell's framework for the Hero’s Journey is simply a metaphor for real life. It’s to remind us that this thing we call life is to be an adventure and is marked with challenges and difficulties along the way.

Are you ready to embark on yours?

If you’ve lost sight of your hero’s journey follow me as we rediscover your hero within, your life’s purpose and your own Hero’s Journey.