Memo to camera makers: put Android in your device or face extinction
Frederic Filloux

Also, there have been smartphone-camera Android hybrids for a while. Not true cameras running Android, but phones with a mechanical zoom and bigger sensor, such as , also from Asus ( )and Fuji IIRC.

Not very high-end gear, and not successful as far as I know. Maybe keeping the device focused on pictures and not trying to be a phone too would help. Or maybe the cost increase and performance degradation inherent in using a generalist OS would harm what are utterly specialist devices.

I’m not sure if there’s much hope of upselling a lot of new regular Joes to non-phone cameras; and I’d guess the ones already converted and the pro and prosumer markets are OK with doing their editing on a PC or maybe tablet, and just want the best source picture ?

Edit: The whole idea kinda reminds me of the Desktop UIs OEMs and hackers keep trying to graft onto Android. Sounds cool, but what people most want is familiarity and simplicity. Morphing familiar Android into a fake and underpowered Windows is the oppposite of what the very low-end users already familiar with regular Anrdoid from their phones and tablets would want on their desktops and laptops; and has no chance of satisfying real power users. Would current camera users want to be shackled with Android ? And would new users make up for the unavoidable emigrants ?
Maybe Apple is best positioned to release a camera and convince their spendy users to get one more gizmo ?

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