One small thing that Apple got right
Umesh Gopinath

Funny, I think it’s the other way around. Apple forcing all apps to live on the Home screen is ridiculous:

1- the Home screen is for widgets. Granted, Apple doesn’t have those, but app icons aren’t a substitute. And once you’ve got an app’s widget up, there’s no reason to also have that app’s icon on the home screen.

2- The Home screen is for often-used apps. Any phone/tablet will have apps that are either unused or barely used. Putting those in a humongous “junk” folder or keeping them in their thematic folder, or worse keeping them on the 5th home screen is way worse than having them in the alphabetically-ordered installed apps list. My phones have 2 home screen pages (2/3rd of them widgets), my tablets one (4/5th of it widgets), my iBrother’s iDevices have 4–5 home pages, which is ridiculous.

3- Some Android variants and launchers actually do away with the app drawer, so you can be iOS-like if you want. The overwhelming majority of users don’t want that though.

4- the slight complication of having to uninstall apps from the app drawer not the home screen is insignificant. You don’t install an app by long-clicking on the home screen, why would you uninstall it that way ? If the app drawer uninstall procedure is too complicated (!! ?? !!) go to the PlayStore app and delete the app from there, that’s where you got it from in the first place so it’s logically symetric. There’s even a nice “Installed apps” tab, they can be removed from there.

5- MacOS uninstalls apps too.

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