How To Criticize Trump Without Being An Establishment Hack
Caitlin Johnstone

I mostly agree with your points, with 2 caveats.

1- I can’t understand your blind spot re: Russia. Maybe you feel safe because you’re far away, but those guys undeniably a) invaded Crimea b) are fomenting “civil” strife in Ukraine c) are installing oppressive puppet regimes wherever they can on their periphery d) murder or jail opponents e) would love nothing more than global mayhem esp. a weak US so they can annex a few more countries e) interfered with the US election. Whatever evils you want to ascribe to the US, Russia does the same only more. Starting with the worst offense: kleptocracy.

2- You seem to value form over function. I don’t mind “sounding like an establishment stooge” if I think I’m right. I don’t even mind *being* a stooge, on the right issues for the right reasons. It’s not about posturing, it’s about being on the right side of important issues. Sure, strange bedfellows should sometimes trigger a closer examination, but we shouldn’t reject mainstream stuff a priori, nor stridently insist we’re on the same side but *we* are there for the *right* reasons. I’m reminded of the snobs who always care about the 2nd degree subtext more than about the 1st degree thing, and engage in weird elitist groupthink.

Edit: Actually, I think I get why you like Russia: they want to destroy the establishment just like you do. But what they want then is mayhem; is that what you want too ? Sometimes the biggest danger is not the opponent, but the superficial ally that derails the effort right at the end.