Economics, Like Religion, Assumes It Knows Everything
Nick Cassella

I think you’re reaching.

1- Economics is struggling with its dual hard- and soft-science nature. It calls itself “the dismal science” for a reason.

2- What you say could be said of any soft science really: psychology, sociology, … the name of the game is to try and build systems that can explain and predict… until they don’t. Of course at some point you commit to those systems and try to prop them up when you should let them fall apart. That’s human nature.

3- it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. Even though it isn’t perfect and never will, a growing understanding of soft sciences has and will help us avoid some crises. Also, it’s an arms race: if you’re worse at economics than a competitor, he’ll win out, so you’ve got to work at it anyway.

Soft sciences clearly have a hubris issue (overcompensating probably). That doesn’t mean they’re *entirely* invalid.