ChatClass NG: Equipping future employees/ entrepreneurs with Micro-certifications.

In 2016, ChatClass NG was listed and is currently TEF 2016 alumni.

ChatClass NG is attempting to disrupt the way we learn and acquire certifications albeit slowly. CC (as I will refer to it going forward) is built on the idea that certifications and degrees can be broken down into bits and pieces to be acquired based on Job roles, skill deficiencies and/or funding. A classic example is project management.

Project management contains about 30 modules which are usually lumped up and taught together in about 35 hours and currently costs USD 300 (approx N150,000 at USD 1= N500). Project management as a competency skill and as a certification is usually required by employers from prospective candidates seeking employment so yeah, its big deal.

However, the bigger question is how many prospective candidates (and entry-level employees) can actually afford N150,000 for an examination and/or certification? This is the question CC hopes to provide answers to.

CC thinks that if these certifications are broken down into micro-certifications and/or micro-masters, three things would happen;

  1. The programs/ certifications will become affordable. So more graduates/ employees/ entrepreneurs can access them and have better career prospects. Employers will have better-skilled workers. As every business owner knows: great talent = money.
  2. Graduates/ employees/ entrepreneurs can take only courses that match their Job roles and/or skill deficiencies rather than being forced to take everything. Example; Why can I take supply chain in projects alone as a micro-certification within my role as a supply chain manager? Why do I have to take the entire project management course? This applies to all certifications.
  3. Because the programs/ certifications are now more affordable, and more graduates/ employees/ entrepreneurs have access, the market size of the issuing organization will increase exponentially.
  4. Leveraging on content providers and partners, CC hopes to provide internships for people who take courses on its platform with a chance of retention based on terms and conditions.

How does ChatClass NG intend to do this? There are 2 ways but I will discuss one here:

CC has created an e-commerce website: to sell micro-certifications from content creators like Extrafemi, The Steve Harris Company, Enterprise Hill and The Abinibi Creative Academy. Content may either be pre-recorded, a live class online and/or at a specified location with certificates issued at the end of the program. There are many more partnerships in the works in the coming days. Currently on the site are

  1. Change your life in 30 days- Steve Harris.
  2. Social media masterclass- Extrafemi
  3. Pricing for profits- Enterprise Hill.
  4. Certified Graphic Design Professional- Abinibi Creative Academy.

Want to get your course and/or certification on ChatClass NG? They are on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

Visit their website here.

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