More Collaborations at Wakafire Photography.

September is the month of collaborations at Wakafire Photography. Incase you missed any of them

  1. First is our smartphone photography class happening with our good friends at CapitalSquare on Friday September 8th, 2017. Details here.
  2. Our smartphone photography workshop collaboration with our friends at Jonathan Cole HQ. Details here.

Now for the newest collaboration (all within 5 days of the new september month); Wakafire Photography and 3113 Signatures are up to something. Remember when we launched our merchandise store here? Let's just say that things could have gone waay better. So we went back to the drawing board to identify the reasons why things didn't go as planned (as we wanted) as well as better ways to implement the idea we had.

After thinking and planning, we met up with our friends at 3113 Signatures to execute. They loved the idea. Fingers crossed for the amazing things to come.

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