#Musing: Perceptions.

Short Story: A friend and I drove to Ikeja to sort out a few things and by the time we were done, the time was 3pm. As my way of appreciating his kind gesture of allowing me use his car, I decided to buy him lunch. We drove to somewhere in GRA, Ikeja, ordered and devoured the meal. After eating, we asked for the bill and the waiter (in his church mind), handed the bill over to my friend. We both laughed and I asked the waiter to pass the bill, he refused saying “chairman go settle” referring to my friend. My friend also asked him to hand it over to him, he still refused. After a while, he finally handed it over, I shook my head, requested the POS and paid. He then started to apologize to me saying “sorry sir”. Me: Yimu. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

Another day, I drove my cousin to a wedding. Honestly, I thought it was a waste of my time as I had work to catch up with but my cousin insisted and there isnt much I can deny her (I love her too much). At the reception, the guards (in their church minds), motioned my aunt (my cousin’s mum) saying “your mother and the baby can go in” (since she was carrying a baby), Then my cousin’s cousin; “Your maid can go in” (at this point, I started to laugh), Motioned my cousin, “you can go in, ma” Then motioned towards me; “…but your driver has to stay outside”. (I just burst out laughing). My aunt had to come back and give them a piece of her mind before they allowed me in.

Why don’t I “flaunt” like society asks me to? My reason is simple and i remind myself everyday. Its only the empty barrels that make the most noise and I am not neither will I ever stoop so low to be an empty barrel.

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